About the Aylesbury Gardenway

This page explains what the Aylesbury Gardenway is and why it is good for Aylesbury.

The big idea

The Gardenway is an ambitious Aylesbury Garden Town project that will create a ring of connected parks, gardens, brooks, natural areas and woodlands around Aylesbury. This will provide a green and beautiful setting for a new orbital walking, cycling and wheeling route that will connect neighbourhoods and link in with the wider network of greenways and routes.  

The Gardenway will benefit many neighbourhoods and communities around Aylesbury, and we'd like you to tell us how.

Green spaces and natural spaces

How could the green spaces along the Gardenway be improved, or new spaces created? Would you like to see more wildlife and nature within local green spaces, or more imaginative spaces for children to play, for example?  

Walking, cycling and wheeling connections

How could the Gardenway be linked in to the wider walking and cycling network? How could links to wider communities and neighbourhoods be made? How would you use the Gardenway, and what would enable everyone, young and old, to cycle, walk and wheel around Aylesbury?

Business, community and cultural opportunities

How could the Gardenway create opportunities for businesses, from park cafes to cycle delivery services? How could we enhance and build upon arts, culture and heritage in Aylesbury, creating a 'culture mile' or 'heritage trail' for example.

A hand drawn illustrative map showing the approximate Gardenway route and key green spaces and points of interest. These are labelled and include: Wetlands Park, Vale Park, Quarrendon Leas, Roman Park, Thame Valley Park, Brook Walk, Stoke Mandeville Park, Sports Village and Aylesbury town centre.
The Gardenway concept drawing from the Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan.


The Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan

The idea for the Gardenway was set out in the Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan (AGT) in July 2020, where it was widely supported by local community. Key aims of the AGT Masterplan include providing more public green infrastructure, improving biodiversity, increasing the use of sustainable transport modes and helping to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What can the Gardenway do for Aylesbury?

There are many ways the Gardenway could help to make Aylesbury a more sustainable, healthy and happy place to live, and we invite people to think creatively and imaginatively about This includes:

Connecting between neighbourhoods and communities- both new and old. 

Whether it’s to see friends, visit family or pop to the shops, ensuring people can easily get around Aylesbury.

Making walking and cycling the best way to get around Aylesbury.

Providing opportunities for people to walk and cycle as a means of transport or enjoyment, by providing an attractive and quiet traffic-free route around Aylesbury.

Providing more space for nature and wildlife to flourish and thrive. 

Enhancing and protecting existing habitats and creating more space for wildlife to grow, from sowing wildflower meadows, to enhancing wetlands. 

Celebrating Aylesbury’s many streams and brooks, the River Thame and the Grand Union Canal. 

Making the most of Aylesbury’s watercourses, from Bear Brook to the Grand Union Canal, through improving access for people and enhancing natural flood resilience.

Creating (or stitching together) a new orbital park to wrap around Aylesbury.

Knitting together much-loved parks, well-trodden paths, and abundant wild spaces- and creating new green spaces designed by and for Aylesbury communities.  

Creating opportunities for communities to grow and develop. 

Helping Aylesbury to be a great place to live a healthy life, with spaces for community food growing, exercise, play and learning.

Get involved!

Everyone should be able to enjoy and benefit from the Gardenway. That's why you- the Aylesbury community - are a key part of the design team. Over the next few months we invite you to join us in imagining what the Gardenway could be like. A series of events will invite you to tell us what you'd like to see the Gardenway bring to Aylesbury, and to come along to help us design it. Visit the Get Involved page here to find out more.