Welcome to the Gardenway online exhibition!
Here you can see the early plans, proposals and ideas for the Gardenway and leave your feedback.


Here, you can see the early proposals and aspirations for the Gardenway- an orbital park and walking, cycling and wheeling avenue encircling Ayesbury.

Since December, we have held 12 online discussions and co-design workshops with local people, and have been gathering ideas on the online 'put a pin in it' map. We've also been talking to key stakeholders around the route such as developers and landowners. The proposals have been developed based on the collected feedback from the co-design workshops, community conversations and the interactive ' put a pin in it' map.

The different sections of the exhibition are shown below.

You can click the 'more' button to be taken to each section, and leave your feedback using the comment form at the bottom of each page.

If you require assistance please email: contactus@aylesburygardentown.co.uk
or call: 01296 585315

Gardenway Design Charter
Here you can see the key themes and ambitions for the Aylesbury Gardenway that will help to shape the design proposals.
Gardenway map
View the overall Gardenway map to see the broad proposals and route network.
Landscape strategy
Here you can see the proposals for the Gardenway orbital park.
Route design code
Here you can see the various designs for the Gardenway walking, cycling and wheeling route.