Gardenway Design Charter

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The Gardenway Design Charter sets out the vision and key themes that will help to shape the design of the Gardenway.

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Making space for nature

The Gardenway should create more space for nature and wildlife, helping to increase biodiversity and providing a space where people and nature can exist harmoniously. The Gardenway should help to restore the native black poplar landscape, introduce hedgerows and wildflower meadows and plant more trees. The Gardenway should be full of wildlife that overflows into local neighbourhoods, with more street trees, planting beds and green verges.

Supporting everyday walking, cycling and wheeling

The Gardenway walking, cycling and wheeling avenue should be a joy to use! It should provide an attractive leisure route for the local community and visitors to Aylesbury. The Gardenway should enable and inspire people to take up active travel for their everyday journeys, helping to achieve the Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan target of all 50% of journeys to be made by sustainable modes by 2050. The Gardenway should provide an ideal walking, cycling and wheeling avenue that will set the standard for other towns and cities to follow.

An inclusive and accessible place for everyone

The Gardenway should be an inclusive place that welcomes everyone, regardless of age, gender, background or disability. Key to this is to ensure the Gardenway spaces and walking, cycling and wheeling routes are physically accessible for all, and particularly that the needs of people with disabilities are considered in all parts of the Gardenway design. Finally, the Gardenway should celebrate Aylesbury's Paralympic legacy and the links with Stoke Mandeville Hospital, providing spaces for rest, recovery and rehabilitation.

Supporting health and wellbeing

The Gardenway should be a medical resource and a place that can support people to live healthy, active lives, and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As well as enabling everyday active travel, places for sport and exercise should be provided, from green gyms to multi-use games areas. The Gardenway should also provide spaces to escape to, enabling quiet reflection, helping reduce stress and anxiety and supporting physical recovery. Specialist facilities for physical rehabilitation could also be provided, linked with Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

A place for children

The Gardenway should be a key part of childhood in Aylesbury, from creating forest schools and pond dipping platforms, to imaginative play features, with miles of woodlands, streams and meadows for children to explore and indulge in imaginative play- and perhaps get a little muddy! The Gardenway should be a key resource for schools and parents, helping our youngest citizens to grow and develop into happy, healthy and active adults.

Making space for rivers, streams and water

The Gardenway should create more space for rivers and streams in Aylesbury to help the environment to better manage flooding through natural processes, and to support local wildlife to thrive in these environments. The Gardenway will introduce new wet woodlands, ponds and scrapes (wetland ponds) that can help to support the native Black Poplar landscape and create new habitats for local wildlife. It should also improve access to rivers and brooks enabling the local community to enjoy spending time in these environments as they change throughout the seasons. 

Playing a part in Aylesbury's art and culture

The Gardenway should provide a distinctive setting for art and culture to thrive in Aylesbury. Creativity should be embedded in many aspects of the Gardenway route and orbital park, from the design of benches and outdoor furniture to creating sculptural landmarks and play features.

The Gardenway should play its part in expanding artistic and cultural opportunities by working with local artists, schools and colleges to create and develop outdoor workshops and performance spaces and help to grow a Gardenway art and culture trail around Aylesbury.

Celebrate and protect local heritage

The Gardenway should enable people to experience and learn about the heritage of Aylesbury and its surroundings, improving access and providing information about it's history and heritage through storytelling about historical events and features that no longer leave a trace in the landscape. Key opportunities include the introduction of a heritage centre for visitors, residents and school trips where people can learn and participate in the heritage and conservation of Aylesbury and its surroundings. Other opportunities include creating a heritage trail along the Gardenway to draw attention to the history and archaeology present along the avenue.


The Gardenway is for the local community and everyone should have the chance to be involved in its design, creation and ongoing care. The Gardenway should provide opportunities for new community projects from food growing to arts projects. We will look to create a support network through a Friends of Aylesbury Gardenway Group who will help to steer the development of the Gardenway, and to ensure that the local community’s views are heard throughout the design and construction process. We will continue to work with local people offering further co-design opportunities to develop plans for the various green spaces that will makeup the Gardenway.

Tackling climate change

The Gardenway should address the climate emergency by helping people and businesses to choose sustainable ways of travelling by walking, cycling or wheeling rather than driving cars. It will encourage healthy lifestyles and also increase space for nature and wildlife, improving biodiversity, and helping the environment to become more resilient to things like flooding. Opportunities for sustainable business ventures, and community projects such as local food growing should be explored and encouraged.


Supporting craft, skills and local enterprise


The Gardenway should help to support and encourage local sustainable businesses, from new bike shops, cafes and community ventures to sustainable freight and delivery services. The Gardenway could become a live test-bed for new ideas and a resource for developing new skills, from being involved in the care and construction of the Gardenway to taking part in art, craft and cultural projects.  

Community gardening and growing


The Gardenway should provide spaces for new community projects led by local people. These could include community gardens, memorial spaces, food growing areas and allotments, beekeeping projects and community orchards. The Gardenway should be a resource for local people to come together and a place people take pride in.

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