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The plan below shows the location of the proposed Gardenway orbital park, and the proposed walking, cycling and wheeling route network.

There is still a lot of work to do to develop the plans- and these are not final proposals. Your comments and feedback will be very helpful to further develop and refine the plans, before taking them forward for more detailed design work on individual sections of the Gardenway.

The plan shows the following:

Proposed Gardenway orbital park

The Gardenway orbital park is the collection of existing, planned and new parks and public green spaces that could form the Gardenway. These vary from unloved grassed areas, nature reserves ecological areas and river corridors.

Proposed Gardenway walking, cycling and wheeling route

The proposed Gardenway route shows the aspiration for the walking, cycling and wheeling route that will form the backbone of the orbital park. The route will form a key part of the local walking and cycling network, helping to connect up new and existing neighbourhoods and villages, and encourage people to take up active travel for enjoyment and exercise or for simply making their daily journeys around Aylesbury.

Proposed wider greenway routes

These are wider (and more rural) orbital walking and cycling and wheeling routes that could complement the Gardenway, helping to connect up villages and neighbourhoods further away from Aylesbury, and provide attractive rural routes for people to enjoy the countryside.

Proposed walking, cycling and wheeling connections to and from the Gardenway

The plan also shows the key walking, cycling and wheeling connections that provide connections to key wider destinations, neighbourhoods and villages, as well as into the existing and proposed Aylesbury Gemstone cycle network. Together, these help to create a connected network of routes to support active travel.

Proposed Gardenway 'hubs' or destination points

Finally, the plan also shows existing and potential destinations along the Gardenway avenue. These include existing destinations, planned proposals (such as new local neighbourhood centres) and entirely new destinations that could be delivered as part of the Gardenway project. Destinations could include facilities such as bike and e-scooter hire stations, public toilets, cafes and places to sit and rest. They could also be linked to other attractions such as sports facilities, community centres or nature and heritage centres.

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